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Our New Logo

Marie, one of our Trustees, was not a fan of the new logo at first. “We were given two options to look at. The first one uses the puzzle piece logo, which can be problematic, as it signifies a missing piece, or a problem to be solved, or something broken that needs fixing. This for a lot of Autistic people is an offensive symbol. It will be interesting to hear what other Autistic people and people with disabilities feel about it, as I know there are those that do not feel this way. The second one is the one I would choose, as it’s not the first one. I asked if the first one could be changed slightly to represent people more, so taking away the puzzle element, and having figurine style people? This feels like it would be more appropriate.”

We also shared the logo options with the Friday Network group who had some different views. They could see themselves and their activities in the puzzle logo – dancing, being with other people, working alongside the staff. Marie said it was helpful hearing feedback from some of our other service users who had a different point of view and could relate it to their positive experiences of Speakeasy. “I wouldn’t want other people to see the logo as a barrier to contacting Speakeasy, so we should include my thoughts on the logo on the website then it becomes inclusive for other people who may feel the same way as I did.” Please let us know what you think!