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Why advocacy is important to us...

Advocacy is giving a voice, supporting choice, and upholding rights. Advocacy is for anyone including people who are non verbal and can’t speak for themselves without additional support. It can happen individually where an advocate works alongside someone over a period of time, or it can take place in groups where people can gain confidence and develop self advocacy skills with others in similar situations to them.

Changing lives and systems

We believe that independent advocacy changes systems as well as making a difference to the individuals we work with. This has been at the heart of what we do from the beginning, working with the first Learning Disability Partnership Boards and joining together with other local advocacy organisations in Hampshire Advocacy Regional Group (HARG) to give people a louder voice. We continue to be part of the Hampshire Safeguarding Adults Board to speak up for people who fall through gaps in services. Our Friday Network group is working with local specialist nurses to improve access to local health services. 


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