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Advocacy Safety Net for Adults in Hampshire

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We aim to provide advocacy support to as many vulnerable children young people and adults as possible throughout Hampshire. As we are dependent on funding from grants and contracts, sometimes this project is limited to a fixed time period, a specific location or group of people. From October 2023 we only have limited funding for this project.

What will we do?

Subject to funding, we aim to offer advocacy to any vulnerable child young person or adult in Hampshire who is finding it hard to access the right care and support either because they fall in between gaps in services or there are barriers in the way of them getting the help they need. We meet with you in person or virtually and listen, work out what you need help with and support you to access the right support and service. This can include signposting to local organisations, requesting that organisations make reasonable adjustments  as well as attending meetings with you. Click here to view a short film about the difference this project is making to people in Hampshire.

Who can make referrals?

We can take referrals directly from people and their families – you can call, email or text us as well as contacting us through the website. Professionals and services working with people who are struggling to engage can also make referrals through the website. We will check all referrals for eligibility to the Hampshire commissioned advocacy service and if necessary help you access this service. Where we have limited funding for this project, we will try and signpost you to at least one local organisation.  

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