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There are many different ways to become a part of Speakeasy and help us carry on providing advocacy to as many people as possible on our local communities across Hampshire. You could volunteer or work for us, donate some money or just give us some feedback about how we are doing. If you think we have forgotten something then please ‘tell us what you think’. 

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Matthew’s story

Matthew first became involved with us when we were called HAS Advocacy. He was part of a self advocacy group, helped set up a new group called Hampshire Advocacy for the Promotion of Positive Youth (later known as Happy Club), and helped with funding bids and training. Matthew understood the importance of advocacy being independent from other services and was one of the founding members of Speakeasy Advocacy. He created the original logo and took on the role of Secretary with responsibility for sending notices to members. These days Matthew can leave the admin tasks to the staff team and enjoy ‘just being a Trustee’!

Why donate to us?

We don’t charge individuals for our advocacy service, but we have to find the cost from grants, contracts and individual service commissions. Recently we received a donation from someone who had sold some unwanted items and gifted us the money they had made. We were able to use this to continue working with a vulnerable adult with a learning disability and other health issues after some grant funding had ended. The advocate was able to stay in touch and chase up the professionals to ensure the person had the right care and support.


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