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We aim to provide advocacy support to as many vulnerable children young people and adults as possible throughout Hampshire. Unfortunately this can’t always happen as we are dependent on funding from grants and contracts which are usually limited to a fixed time period, a specific location or group of people. We keep our website updated so that everyone can see the current situation.  

Keeping you and your information safe 

We keep all of your information confidential including the things you tell us about unless you give us permission to share, or you or another person is in danger. Our advocates will explain this at your first meeting, and will give you a copy of your information sharing form which is sometimes known as GDPR. The advocate will also explain our Safeguarding policy, and where possible we will involve you in any disclosures we need to make if you or someone else is in danger. All of our staff are DBS and reference checked before they start working.

Advocacy Safety Net 

Subject to funding, we aim to offer advocacy to any vulnerable child young person or adult in Hampshire through our ‘Advocacy Safety Net’ project. This project is for people who are finding it hard to access the right care and support either because they fall in between gaps in services or there are barriers in the way of them getting the help they need. Even if we don’t have funding for this project, we will try and signpost you to at least one local organisation who can help you. Please note that from April 2020 the commissioned advocacy service in Hampshire for statutory advocacy is provided by VoiceAbility.

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