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We don’t charge individuals for our advocacy service, but we have to find the cost from grants, contracts and individual service commissions. Recently we received a donation from someone who had sold some unwanted items and gifted us the money they had made. We were able to use this to continue working with a vulnerable adult with a learning disability and other health issues after some grant funding had ended. The advocate was able to stay in touch and chase up the professionals to ensure the person had the right care and support.

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Get in touch with us today and let us know you are thinking of donating to us. We are registered for Gift Aid so will make every bit of your donation count no matter the amount. Let us know how much you want to give us, and we can arrange for a bank transfer or other method of payment. We will let you know ‘how much advocacy’ your donation will buy, and keep you updated on the difference it has made to individuals or self advocacy groups.  

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