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Privacy policy

Download our Speakeasy easy read consent leaflet here

We need to keep and share information about you in order to provide you with the right advocacy support

Most of the information will come from you and other people that support you, or from the person who refers you to Speakeasy

We will ask your permission to keep information about you (or if you do not have capacity to consent, we will decide if it is in your best interests to keep your information)

If you are under 13, we will need to get permission from your parent or legal guardian to keep and/or share your information

We have a lawful basis to keep some personal information to meet our contractual obligations with Hampshire County Council or other grant making trusts and funders, even if you don’t consent. However we will always seek to gain your consent or make a best interests decision in the first instance, and work with you to find an acceptable solution where possible (for example keeping an anonymised record).

What we do with your information
We will only share information with others:
-if you say we can (or if you do not have capacity to give consent then we will make a best interests decision)
-in order to keep you or others safe
- to comply with a legal request from the Police or a Court

We make sure that all your information is securely stored (for example in locked filing cabinets or password protected servers and computers)

You can tell us who you want us to share your information with, and you can change your mind at any time

We will regularly check with you that you still agree to us keeping and sharing your information

Your rights

-You can request to see the information we have about you
-You can ask us to change the information or add your views if you think it is incorrect
-You can ask us to delete any information we hold about you
-You can complain if you think there is a problem with how we hold or share your information by using the Speakeasy complaints procedure
-If you are still unhappy you can contact the Information Commissioners Office