We are looking for new trustees who live in the North of Hampshire to help with the running of our charity and plan the next phase of our development. We are particularly interested in anyone who has legal or business development experience. If you have a keen sense of social justice, an interest in disability and human rights, and a few hours a month to do something creative in your community then this could be the opportunity you are looking for! Please read our trustee job description  and have a look at the Charity Commission website to find out more about being a trustee. Give us a call on 01256 423829 or complete the application form if you are interested.

We are also looking for a volunteer to take the notes of Trustees meetings. You will need to be able to use word documents to produce accurate and easy – read notes that record the Trustees decisions and the reasons for their decisions. Meetings are currently held online 4 times a year, and you can continue to take the notes virtually even when the meetings are in person.

Volunteers play a valuable role at Speakeasy and the work we do. Over the last few years advocacy has become increasingly complicated, requiring a high level of knowledge and skills that is usually only possible using paid staff that are doing advocacy ‘day in day out’ with lots of support and supervision.

However there are still opportunities to volunteer with us.  Potentially anyone can be a volunteer – all you need is to be able to act appropriately, have some common sense and a few spare hours a month. *Please note these opportunities (apart from Trustee and note taker) are on hold during Covid 19*

Some of the things that volunteers can do at Speakeasy Advocacy:

  • Support one of the self advocacy groups to develop their skills, make their own choices, and find out about their local community
  • Become a “community networker” supporting people to access their local communities
  • Be a Trustee representing all the local areas we work in and the people we work with
  • Take the notes of the Trustees meetings

We give you full training so you can carry out your role with confidence

We pay expenses so you are not out of pocket

Contact us on 01256 423829 if you are interested in becoming a volunteer