History of Advocacy

Who does the work?

Our trustees are volunteers who are responsible for making sure the organisation is run properly. They decide what we do, how the work is carried out, and vote on the major decisions. All of the trustees have experience of using services directly or as family carers. Some of the trustees have a learning disability or autism and have support from advocates to take part in trustee meetings.


The trustees are:

  • Chair = Carole Over
  • Treasurer = Derek Easton
  • Matthew Ansell
  • Colin Watts
  • Marie Le Warne
  • Alex Azimi
  • Nick Godwin

Most of our trustees have lived experience of using services directly and/or as family carers.

Staff Team

The staff team are responsible for the day to day running of the organisation.


We have a number of volunteers who are trustees and supporting the running of self advocacy groups. 

Quality – getting things right

We are committed to providing good quality advocacy that supports people in the right way at the right time. This is our Complaints leaflet telling our Complaints policy. 

We work to the Advocacy Code of Practice  and are working towards completing the national advocacy Quality Performance Mark.

All of our advocates have completed the Independent Advocacy Award.

We know that Advocacy makes a difference in peoples lives, and are using the national NDTi Advocacy Outcomes Framework which was launched in July 2016 to evidence this.

If for any reason you think we have got something wrong, or you want to complain, please get in touch with us. You can also look at our Complaints leaflet