Welcome to Speakeasy

We provide advocacy for adults and children across North Hampshire, covering the areas of Basingstoke & Deane, Andover & Test Valley, Winchester & District and Hart & Rushmoor        


  • "You are the only person he has engaged with"

    September 2016

    • Client Affairs Team
  • "Just explaining things to you has made me feel better. You've been very understanding and you listened to me".

    May 2016

    • Older Person
  • "The advocate has done a wonderful job. The client remembers her name and he never does that".

    July 2016

    • Specialist Care Provider
  • "I can talk to my Advocate and he listens to me"

    April 2016

    • Young Person
  • "You are the first person in all of this that has given me a way forward."

    July 2016

    • Social worker
  • "I'm pleased that the Advocate is going to get involved as she understands the needs of people with a learning disability and autism".

    November 2016

    • Support Provider
  • "Thank you for making X feel so welcome at the group"

    September 2016

    • Family member
  • "I always sing the praises of Speakeasy. I'm pleased when I see you are supporting a young person at a Child Looked After meeting."

    May 2016

    • Independent Reviewing Officer