Welcome to Speakeasy

We provide advocacy for adults and children across North Hampshire, covering the areas of Basingstoke & Deane, Andover & Test Valley, Winchester & District and Hart & Rushmoor        


  • "I like you – you treat me with respect. Everyone else treats me like someone with a disease"

    • Care Act Advocacy
    • Person with a physical illness
  • "The advocate has done some fantastic work with the client which has really supported him through his care planning and enabled him to feel listened to and make his own decisions which is great. I was really impressed with the resources she used to communicate with and she always came prepared for every visit."

    • Care Act Advocacy
    • Social Worker
  • "You know we thought advocacy might not be of any use, well it was very helpful as you can see the client has really responded well to having someone he knew and who knew his past. He was able to talk about the past and also what is happening now. He stayed in the meeting which he has not done before. I am very positive about his future."

    • Children & Young People’s Advocacy
    • CCG lead for Transforming Care (Children)
  • "Thank you for supporting X last week to enable to get things into place, it wouldn’t have been possible otherwise."

    • Care Act Advocacy
    • Support Provider
  • "Thank you to everyone who was involved in the Groups. We really appreciate the time and effort you have taken. We have read all of the Groups submissions and will ensure they will form part of our reporting."

    • Community Advocacy
    • HCC Insight & Engagement Unit
  • "Thank you for listening to me even when l don’t make sense"

    • Care Act Advocacy
    • Person with a learning disability